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Cakes on a Plane!

Or, how to bake a four-tiered chocolate cake
in one small oven, fit it into an overhead bin
and then drive it over a mountain range.

In high school, Heather and I sat next to each other in nearly every class, followed a madwoman into the middle of a desert with no water and learned—the hard way—exactly what time the subways in Paris shut down.

Years passed, and our paths diverged. Then, through the magical powers of Google, we reconnected a few months ago. I visited her in Seattle, and we managed to pack two decades into two days. We marveled at how much had changed, how much had stayed the same and how much was still ahead…like marriage.

I snagged an invite to Heather and Pete's wedding. And the next thing I know, I'm making her wedding cake.

I happen to have all the equipment needed, because I've been crazy enough to try this once before, for my own wedding years ago. This time around, though, it's going to be much more fun and relaxed.

First step: Preparing >

June 2006